John Lennon        1940 - ∞

Seventy four years ago, on October 9th, a hero was born. John Lennon, with his music and message of love and peace, has inspired and taken over many generations. I want to thank you for all you’ve done to all of us, to the world and to music. John has helped so many of us get through life and still does, as well as helping us find out who we are. Without John I don’t know where I would be, neither who I would be. His lyrics speak to so many people’s hearts in so many different ways and meanings, and there is no way to put in words how much he means to his fans. You will always be in our souls, our hearts, our homes and memory. Although your physical presence doesn’t exist any longer, there is not one single day on earth when you haven’t been mentioned, listened to or inspired someone.
May your spirit rest in peace and be proud of all you have done and left to the world. You will never be forgotten and your music will never fade away in people’s souls. We love you John, Happy Birthday.

                                               — Pauline

Well we all shine on…

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Black cloud crossed my mind, blue mist round my soul. Feel so suicidal, even hate my rock and roll…

The Dirty Mac performs Yer Blues at the Rock n’ Roll Circus, 1968

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❝What I love about the shot of John and me is that it shows the great working relationship we had. It was a joy to work with John, particularly when we were writing and organising, as we were in this picture.  I can’t recall exactly what we were doing. Maybe a lyric, maybe a running order, maybe the medley on Abbey Road. At some point we had to organise what song would go where. I just love the joy of that picture, it’s beautifully composed. There were also the difficulties of the period, which show up in the film Let It Be, which I think have overshadowed the truth. It was a very heavy period. But this picture shows it wasn’t all like that. There was some light. And that’s how I remember our working relationship. Even though there were some tough moments, this was a great friendship.❞ — Paul McCartney

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