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Tell no truth and tell no lies 

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Angus and Malcolm Young, 77

Happy Birthday, Angus Young 

You are one hell of a hero. You’ve changed many people’s lifes just by the slide of a guitar string. A talented man, with Rock n’ Roll in his vains. No matter how far he took AC/DC, he was always the same, he did not do it for the money, or for the fame, it was all about the music. Every riff you made is god-given. You came to this world to show the young and the old that Rock n’ Roll will never die, and no matter your religion, age, gender, color or birthplace, as long as you have a free spirit, it will always salute you. Thank you for everything, guitar monster. And last but not least, thank you for being the perfect example that it’s not your body what matters, but the size of your soul. 

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