Jagger & Richards.

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The Rolling Stones and friends recording the vocals for Sympathy for the devil

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#TIMELESSTIME Keith relaxing backstage during the Stones’ American Tour, Fall 69.

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you can’t compare keith richards to god i mean he’s cool and stuff but he’s not keith richards

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Jimmy Page on stage at the Forum, 1970.

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Mick Jagger gets no satisfaction, by John O’Gready (Sydney, 1965)

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"When they played, they functioned like clockwork. They were ambitious, wanted to make it. And at the same time they constantly made jokes, not plain ones, but ingenious. They really liked each other. Four different characters who complemented each other ideally. John highly sensitive, always a little impatient, Paul the perfectionist, and charming. George with his fine, sarcastic humor, who created his compositions meticulously. And Ringo, uncomplicated, the typical drummer."

—Klaus Voormann on The Beatles, translated from an interview with Berliner Kurier, 19 May 2010 (via andisayidontknow)

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